The Transformer keeps breaking

Today’s drama …… The transformer toy keeps breaking! It was a gift, it was £8!! £8!! I can’t believe how much either.  I wouldn’t have bought it for my son but a generous and kind friend did.  My son loves it. It has almost replaced dear old, faithful reindeer – but not quite.  The problem is that as it keeps breaking, my son thinks that it’s ok to just go and get another one. I have two issues with this …. It’s not actually broken, the moveable parts just keep popping off but he won’t accept this. Secondly, where in his short education of life did he learn that if something that you’ve been given breaks, it’s ok to just go and replace it.  It isn’t even something he NEEDS. This definitely isn’t the case in MY world. If I break something that I need, I cannot just go and replace it. We mull over it, investigate the best possible value, look online, read reviews and then see if we have any Tesco vouchers we can double up on but overall, we manage without it until it’s finally replaced.  It is these, seemingly innocuous life lessons that I fear I will fail to teach my children and I worry they will grow up to be spoilt, needy and demanding.

Which channel is Super Nanny on these days?

Anyway, I decided to write a blog, probably like so many others, about me and my life. I am aware that this is slightly (very) needy but I don’t care.  Watch this space 😀. Off to bath the kids before I start to feel the need to open the Christmas cooking sherry.

My funny, challenging, wonderful and blessed life